MECHALAB is a private company limited by shares based at :

49 Station road

BN26 6EA Polegate

East Sussex

Mechalab is a research and development in mechanics of structures engineering company, publishing scientific periodical reports.

Mechalab is a engineering company and his policy is to supply qualities products and services proving when these products are arriving with a quality insurance book.

Mechalab’s serving in drawings, modelling, simulating and analysing projects and also provides in valves, ball valves, 3 pieces ball valves, 3 pieces ball valves with ISO mounting pad butterflies valves and motorised valves.

We’re capable :

Modelizing straight pipes, elbows, bends, valves, concentric and eccentric reducers, tees, miters, rigid elements and more.

External insulation and internal lining can be specified for pipes.

Modelizing expansion joints such as slip, ball, hinge, bellows (tied and untied), gimbal, and universal joints.

Modelizing Jacketed pipes and jacketed bends – specify separate temperatures and pressures, separate materials and sections for core and jacket pipes.

Spiders and endcaps can be specified, too.

Modelizing cold springs, cut short or cut long

Modelizing beams and support structures

As results, your Quality Insurance Handbook which contains all modeling, drawings, analysis steps and results, the assessment’s conclusion by independent quality engineer and the warranty(*) to end-users.