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Ansys Additive Solutions | Having 3D Printing Problems? Come see Dr. A

Struggling for a quality 3D printed part? Ansys Additive Solutions will help solve your 'bin of broken dreams'. Learn about the top 3 things Ansys Additive is fantastic solving. Learn more:[+] Show More
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What's New 2017 - Particle Tracing

Autodesk CFD 2017 has made it easier than ever to apply particle tracing to your design and optimize the seed points to ensure you get a great view at critical ...results.[+] Show More
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FlowKit Ltd: Rotor in chemical reactor

We consider multiple miscible fluid components with chemical reactions. The video shows the velocity field on three planes. Complex physical phenomena are taking place like unsteady turbulent flows, capillary effects ...due to surface tension and gravity, heat and mass transfer, reaction of multiple species and fully submerged rotating parts.[+] Show More
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Texas A&M – Investigation of a human sneeze

A special mention goes out to the researchers at Texas A&M University. They have published results from their investigation into a human sneeze. Essentially, the research studies how long and how far the sneeze droplets go. This is critical in understanding and evaluating transmission of droplets in indoor spaces – the main source of COVID-19 transmission.

The research team studied real human sneezes (ewww!) to develop inputs for the digital models. The coolest part here is the comparison between the real sneeze and it’s digital counterpart.

A Human Sneeze - High Speed Video in Presence of the Theatrical Fog (longer)

Equipment used:
Phantom v711 with Zeiss Planar T* 50 mm f/1.4 ZF.2

Copyright 2020 | Thermal-Hydraulic Research Laboratory | Department of Nuclear Engineering | Texas A&M University

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