Full steam ahead for Valveforce’s High Pressure Valves at AD and biofuel plants

Steam system and flow control specialists Valveforce have launched a new range of High Pressure Two-Way Pneumatic and Electric Control Valves, designed to help maximise efficient operation of the energy centre at biogas and biofuel plants.

Valveforce, who can design, build and test to create high quality bespoke valve systems, as well as provide off-the-shelf solutions, have also ensured that these new High Pressure Valves provide safe control in AD environments.

Designed in a a straight through globe style with precision cast bodies for maximum capacity, Valveforce’s High Pressure Valves can handle a wide range of fluids found at renewable energy and fuel plants, including water, thermal oil, steam, nitrogen and natural gases.

For quick change and ease of maintenance, these new valves are in optimised modular construction and benefit from a large range of actuators to overcome numerous AD / biofuel applications.

In addition to its High Pressure Two-Way Pneumatic and Electric Valves, Valveforce also supply Mixing and Diverting Valves, as well as Severe Duty Valves for biogas and biofuel applications.

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