Solving Sealing Problems For flow Control Products

Ball valves, utilising a drilled-through ball rotating in a retaining socket, are widely used for process line control operations within industry.

Typical areas of application for these valves include oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation together with pulp and paper industries among many others.

Ball valves offer both flow throttling and full shut-off conditions, while applications can involve an extensive range of pressures, temperatures and even the use of chemically aggressive fluids. The importance of specifying the right sealing products for use within these valves becomes paramount, particularly where breakdowns or plant shutdowns caused through valves failure can be catastrophic.

The specialist sealing company Dichtomatik Ltd, are able to provide the Kalrez range of perfluoroelastomer ‘O’ rings from the Dupont Performance Polymers range, which have been formulated to provide superior sealing qualities for even the most difficult applications.

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